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Company Of Heroes 2 Trainer 9636 [Latest 2022]




(1982-1990) - accepted/drafted --- #. |The following unit is in your roster and ready for war! #:../../data/campaigns/bar02.wmf/scripting/texts.lua:203 msgid "You successfully recruited a reinforcement of ten miners and five loggers." msgstr "Вас дослужил прибывший накопитель с десяток логгеров и пяти рудисток." #. TRANSLATORS: Amalea #:../../data/campaigns/bar02.wmf/scripting/texts.lua:206 msgid "" "The new soldiers will be sent straight to their respective training sites." msgstr "Новые воины будут отправлены домой для тестирования." #:../../data/campaigns/bar02.wmf/scripting/texts.lua:211 #, lua-format "You found a label with the ware to %s%s. The ware will be sent to a " "productional site, where it will be processed further." msgstr "Вы обнаружили метку с бронетанковой валютой на %s%s. Бронетанковая валюта будет отправлена для промышленной деятельности." #:../../data/campaign



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