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We celebrate life, A must read for Love, Life, A Poem by Rumi, All is Well! The Courage of your Heart ~ I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine. When I know him, I know myself. The knowing is reciprocal. Nothing is hidden when two selves are shown. C.G. Jung “I found that the best approach for connecting with your Higher Self is to be as loving and open as possible to your inner being. In doing so, you experience that divine connection in many different ways. That is, when you are in an expansive state of love and acceptance, you begin to connect with your intuition, which may or may not speak to you. In many spiritual traditions, intuition is seen as a special gift from the Divine. It is a consciousness which you can call upon in a myriad of ways.” ~ Kymberly Wostbrock I see God and I Am God and I Am Love and I Am Power and I Am Blessed and I Am Blessed To Be Alive and I Am Blessed to Be Here with You! ~ From Kymberly Wostbrock’s Vision ❤The Inner Journey ~ I have found that this is one of my greatest challenges. How to be out of the mind yet still be in the body? Our true home is in the body – not in the mind, because that is where we are the most wounded. Until I learned to let go of my story and my past, I could not let go of my body. I could not let go of the past or my stories that were there to help keep me from living in the present. When I let go of my story, I started to experience a more fulfilling and meaningful life. I am grateful to have this challenge, because I am allowed to learn something new, every day! ❤ The Eye of the Storm ~ “If you can not see your own good, you will never know how good you truly are.” ~Author Unknown This beautiful eye can see the eyes of every human being as it tries to connect to the good of every human being. It has seen the good in all of us




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